Contour Body Works  - Massage Therapy and Day Spa
Massage Services
Swedish Massage: Various techniques are used to address any stress spots. This massage induces deep relaxation which leads to full body stress relief and healing.
60 mins = $  70.00
90 mins = $100.00
Deep Tissue Massage:   Similar techniques to Swedish are used to address any stress spots with deeper pressure. This massage reduces aches and pains and promotes healing.
60 mins = $ 80.00
90 mins = $120.00
Mini-Massage: Short on time? Get a massage to your back, arms, legs and neck with the benefits of a full massage.
30 mins = $40.00
Ahh...Shiatsu: " Foot Pressure"A deep tissue massage without the residual soreness. This deep tissue massage is performed with the therapists' feet. The amount of pressure that is applied to the body can rarely be achieved with the therapist hands. It is a wonderful experience. Long body strokes from head to toe.
60 mins = $80.00
Therapeutic Massage: A massage tailored to your body's needs. Different techniques are used to reduce stress and tension from trigger points and over used muscles. Very beneficial for pre/post surgery, injury and excessive exercise.
60 mins = 75.00
Hot Stone Massage: A massage technique using heated river stones provides isolate deep heat at strategic points on the spine, back, neck, arms and legs for a penetrating, heated massage.
60 mins = $  85.00
90 mins = $120.00
Lymphatic Drainage Massage: This is a very gentle and rhythmic massage. A time honored treatment that's good for the body and connective tissues. Light pumping strokes are used to cleanse the tissue of toxins and enhance circulation.
60 mins = $100.00
Thai Massage: This ancient style of massage leaves you feeling rejuvenated as it vigorously stretches and releases deep muscle tension.
60 mins = $90.00
Aromatherapy Massage: A therapeutic massage featuring aromatherapy combines the nurturing and relaxing powers of touch with the dynamic sense of smell.
60 mins = $85.00
Bamboossage: Imagine bamboo shoots of various sizes rolling, sliding and tapping your muscles. Gentle strokes, Shiatsu acu-pressure and friction will relieve muscle tension while being massaged with light rice or grapeseed oil. Invigorate your senses your senses in a new, astonishing and unique way; leaving you with an exotic South East Asian sensation.
50 mins = $ 65.00
80 mins = $115.00
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